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Send your child a letter from Santa Claus this year!

Personalized Letters From Santa

Each letter is personalized for your child so that they will know that they are on Santa's nice list. The text of each letter is personalized with your child's name and location, and delivered in a bright red envelope addressed to your child.

Letters will be mailed between 11/28 - 12/16 for timely holiday delivery.

Order by Dec. 15!

Santa Letter 120x60

The letters are a great buy for $5.99

There are 3 letters to choose from:

Your little angel will be delighted to receive this special Christmas Letter from Santa and matching Symbols of Christmas Personalized Coloring Book in the mail! The 8-page Symbols of Christmas Coloring Book includes activities personalized with your child's name and explains the symbolic meanings behind popular Christmas icons and decorations. Your child will never forget this unique Christmas gift from Santa Claus!

Each letter is addressed to your child in a bright red envelope!

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Add to your Santa Letter the Santa Proof Kit

Santa Proof Kit

A Special Gift of True Christmas Magic!

Make this holiday a special one when you surprise your children with the evidence Santa left behind from his magical visit! Your children’s eyes will light up when they wake up on Christmas morning to find all of the clues left behind, proving that Santa Really Was at their house! You will have fun staging the perfect Christmas morning scene that your kids will remember for the rest of their lives. The special memory that you will give to your child when they find physical evidence of Santa’s visit will be one of the best gifts you will ever give them and one they will share for years to come.

Santa's Official Evidence Kit:

A Unique Christmas Gift Idea!

  • Santa's Authentic Sleigh License Dropped accidentally by Santa on his way out of the house.
  • Santa's 1st Place Ribbon Award Hung on the tree by Santa for "The Best Decorated Tree" in town.
  • Santa's Glove and Glasses Removed and accidentally left behind on the table while Santa was enjoying his milk and cookies.
  • Santa's Thank You Card Gold Embossed thank you card Santa left for the snacks he enjoyed while at your house, signed by Santa himself!
  • Complete Instructions On how to create the Perfect "Santa Was Here" scene for even the most skeptical believer!
  • Free bag of Reindeer corn also included

Santa Proof Kit


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